Donnamarlor Sports Nutrition TEAM

Why a Donnamarlor Sports Nutrition TEAM?

DM recognized that many athletes train hard, but do not pay attention to their nutrition.  Some men & women put too much emphasis on maintaining a low body weight; others simply take care of everyone else but themselves.  Eventually the stress of exercise overwhelms the body’s natural recovery systems and the body breaks down.

The goal of the DM Sports Nutrition TEAM is to inspire other athletes, from novice to elite, to make healthy eating a priority in their training program, and reach their performance goals.

Who are the DM Sports Nutrition TEAM members?

TEAM members are not professional athletes. They do not get paid to do their sport, and in fact, make many personal sacrifices to lead an active lifestyle.  TEAM members are athletes from the World who simply love to be active, and know the benefits of eating well.