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Healthy Snacks for International Flights

healthy snacks for flights
Before you fly to your favourite destination, you need to prepare everything properly. There are some important things that you have to consider, for example airline ticket, personal identification document, snacks for international flights, money, etc. You have to bring all of these items during your trip.

Don’t forget to learn about your local airport before you fly with your favourite airline. For example, if you are going to fly from Cairns airport, you need to check all details from the airport, for example Cairns airport parking space, check in counter, baggage drop counter, and some other details. This article is going to discuss about some healthy snacks that are suitable for International flight.

1. Dried Fruit

dried fruits - healthy snacks for flights
It is one of the most popular snacks that you can bring on the plane. Dried fruit is a healthy and refreshing snack for most people. You can also bring the mixture of some dried fruits that are available on the local or online store.

Dried fruit is recommended for all people because it contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Different fruits may have different nutrients inside. There are some healthy dried fruits that are recommended, for example dried mandarins, freeze dried mango, dried sweet pineapple, coconut strip, and some other popular products.

2. Chocolate

chocolate - healthy snacks for flights
Not many people know that chocolate is very healthy for all people. You will be able to get a lot of health benefits after consuming chocolate regularly. When you are in an international flight that lasts for a few hours, you can consume chocolate for maintaining your stamina.

Chocolate contains high amounts of antioxidants that are good for your body. You can keep your brain and body working normally when you take chocolate bar with you. Chocolate also contains some other essential nutrients, for example magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, iron, magnesium, and also copper.

3. On-The-Go Salad

Salad is another popular product that is available on the market. You can make your own salad by combining some vegetables in a jar. This jar should be sealed properly, in order to help you maintain the quality of your favourite vegetables.

There are some examples of healthy vegetables that you can put in this jar, for example carrot, lettuce, spinach, and any other popular veggies. Don’t forget to bring the dressing that can be consumed with this salad.

4. Veggies Chips

vegetarian chips - healthy snacks for flights
If you are looking for healthy snacks for international flight, you may want to consider eating veggies chips. There are some popular chips that are made from healthy vegetables, for example kale, chickpeas, seaweed, sprouted flax, and also broccoli.

All of these vegetable chips are healthy for most people. They contain high amount of nutrients that are good for your body, for example vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, and any other useful nutrients.

There are many other healthy snacks that can be the best solution for you. You will never have to feel bored when bringing some of these healthy snacks especially when you plan to take a long flight.

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